Pinks and Blues....

 I love stylish workout apparel and this outfit is one of my favorites. The jacket and capris are both top quality that lasts through sweaty workouts and many, many washes.

The colors are vibrant and the fabric? Super comfortable.

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We All Need Some Fitness Motivation....especially on a Monday.

It's Monday!

The start of a fresh new week.

The start of a healthy new week.

On Mondays, I like to remind myself of the 3Rs:


Running Capris: Nike. Sneakers: Saucony (similar here and here)


Renew with your kids: My son LOVES soccer and it's a great workout.


REFOCUS on yourself: Take the stairs for a great workout!

What do I mean by that? Take a moment no matter what you're doing this morning and just stop. Just for a minute. Clear your head and take a moment for yourself to think about what fitness goals you want to achieve today. Not for the week, just for today. That's what I like to call REFRESH.

Next, forget about the extra glass of wine, extra 3 (or 4) cookies you had over the weekend. Just forget about it. It's Monday now and it's time for you to RENEW. It's a NEW day and the best day to get healthy.

Need some workout ideas that you can do from home? Check out this article I wrote about the BEST workouts.

Last, focus on yourself and what fitness means to you today. Again, don't worry about tomorrow...just focus on today and how you're going to give yourself the best present that no money can buy.....a healthier you.  REFOCUS on yourself and your fitness goals today and what that means. Even if it's just 15 minutes of dancing around your house or taking a 15 minute walk during lunch, focus on fitting it into your busy life today no matter how long your 'To Do' list is.

I love Mondays. Mondays are the perfect day to get your body moving and feel good for the week ahead.

Need some more fitness motivation? How about shopping this look? All of these items are under $50!