Target Tres Chic...yes, I'ved said it.

Have you been to Target recently? Of course you have! And if you haven't, I highly recommend, at minimum, a visit to their website--you will be amazed on how many tres chic items they have. From funky orange metal storage bins (DC Fashion Gal's personal favorite) to trendy graphic tees (I love this one.), Target really has it all.

Why else would big name designers such as Alexander McQueen and Anne Sui agree on designer collaborations if they didn't see the value of this fashionabl-yet-affordable store? They wouldn't and there are designers probably waiting in line to do future Target designer collaborations which makes DC Fashion Gal very happy.

But...and there is a but....why is it that people, especially women, feel that they still need to call it "Tar-jay" or downplay their fashion sense when they receive a compliment on a Target purchased clothing item by saying, "Oh, it's only from Target." Don't do it! Be proud that you found a steal, a bargain no less and it looks amazing. I personally love the art of mixing high and low (Target graphic tee with designer jeans bought on Ebay? Yes, please!) and in this tough economy, there is more even more reason to do so.

As the infamous Simon Doonan said recently in his newsletter (which I recommend everyone to become a subscriber. He is hilarious!), "good taste is totally subjective; i.e., one person's bedazzled pink nylon jumpsuit is another person's gray flannel chalk-stripe suit, etc., etc. Got it?". So true. So true.

Not only do I think good taste is subjective, but so is fashion. Fashion should be fun and frivolous in the sense that you don't need to take it too seriously or take yourself too seriously. So what if you love to shop at Forever 21 but are nowhere near the age of 21 anymore? When I was pregnant with my son, I bought this gorgeous tourquoise kimono-style silk and chiffon printed top from....Forever 21. It was not a maternity top in any way, shape, or form but the style lent itself to my burgeoning belly. And let me tell you.....I received more compliments on that top than I did on any other gorgeous, but much more expensive maternity item that I bought.

It really reinforced the idea to me that women who love fashion and clothing, for the most part, are less inclined to care what particular clothing brand is and are more inclined on where they can buy it and it's the cherry on the top when you tell them how utterly inexpensive (I hate the word cheap because it sounds like there is no style to it when there really is) that gorgeous skirt or top really was.

So the next time you fall in love with an amazing graphic tee from Target (and there are so many to choose from) or a pleated print dress from Forever 21 (I love this one) or any other clothing item from a bargain-type store (Marshalls anyone?), don't be afraid to fess up to it if someone asks you the infamous question, "Where did you buy that?". Believe me, they may be initially shocked (or really jealous in my opinion), but soon enough they will be clicking their way to that website or clicking their heels to that store to buy their own fashionable-yet-afforadble, tres chic wardrobe.


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