Where to shop for back to school kids clothing....

Back to school shopping is one of my favorite times to shop for my kids. From great deals on jeans to buying new lunchboxes and backpacks, it's so much fun to see all of the new kids' clothing trends and new designs on school supplies.

DC Fashion Gal wants to help your back to school shopping trip more fun with new and bright ideas on what to buy for your kids and where to buy it. 

Take a look at DC Fashion Gal Top Five Picks in the following categories: jackets, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, jeans,  dresses, and shoes.



Long-sleeved shirts:
  • H & M
  • Tea Collection
  • Appaman (see link above)
  • Zara kids (e-commerce website coming soon!!)
  • Hanna Anderson (see link above)


  • Janie and Jack (see link above)
  • Ralph Lauren (see link above)
  • Tea Collection (see link above)
  • Hanna Anderson (see link above) 
  • Burberry (expensive but worth it)

Kids' Shoes:

Looking for some unique pencils for your kids? I love these natural pencils from Stubby Pencils that are all natural and smell terrific. My son adores them and uses them all the time!

Have a great shopping weekend! 


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