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You can now shop for all those great Zara clothing and accessories online!  On September 7, 2011, Zara launches its' online shop in the U.S. to the great delight of many fashionistas, including me!  I've been a fan of Zara for many, many years and have had the chance to shop in their stores in the U.S. and abroad.  Now that I have little ones, my love for Zara also extends for their kids' clothing.

What sets Zara apart?  

For one, the prices are amazing! I've bought amazing Zara coats for under $100 that have lasted several years and never feel 'dated' or too trendy.

Two, there is something for EVERYONE in that store from your tiny infant to your husband who never shops.  My husband found a great pair of Zara shoes in one of the many New York stores, which says a lot since he is not what you would call a 'trendy shopper' but these shoes were a fantastic find.

And three, Zara's inventory is constantly being updated so you can shop on a regular basis and not get bored with the same clothing over and over again. I love that!

With Zara's launch of its website, I had a mini-shopping spree for my kids (spoken like a true mom, right?) as part of my back to school shopping. For under $200, I was able to buy so many great outfits for both of my mini-fashionistas! Score!

Bonus:  FREE shipping for standard delivery.  Does it get better than that?  I don't think so.

So get those fingers typing and do a little online shopping today at to feel and look stylish for prices that everyone in your family can smile about.


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